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Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA) Letter/Petition

that grew the Middle Class

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AWSC Congressional Proposal


FTBRA Congressional Proposal


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PLI's "Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary" 

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Service works, talks cheap, uninvolved politics is expensive.


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Sudan refugees, more terrorists, Asian tsunami 2004...Pakistan's earthquake, Katrina hurricane, floods '05...Los Angeles' fires, San Francisco oil spill, Bangladesh's cyclone '07...Myanmar cyclone, Midwest, China floods '08...  Haiti, Chile earthquakes, Pakistan, China, India... Floods, Russian fires 2010...Japan Tsunami, nuking, Arab uprising, losing USA's Middle Class, Occupy, jobs, droughts, floods, riots 2011...Tornadoes swarms 2012...Sandy...2013 Vigilantees, mental health, counseling...

Peace Conference speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRbaWfRantA

Ask 2nd Congressional District Congressnman Huffman where he stands on introducing the AWSC Congressional Proposal.


If People's Lobby's American World Service/Jobs Corps Congressional (AWSC) Proposals are implemented, our and other nations will have a much more robust corps of full time volunteers serving smartly while handling the above problems and whatever comes next..  

Read Professor Tzuís take... and can the Colbert Nation make it happen?... How mega-rich can help... Obama Putin 'Sting' through Syria?


Uncle Sam --thanks to Comic Uncle Marc Hershon


Sign the AWSC Letter to Congress

Sign the AWSC Petition


Why don't we build a peaceful army of 1 million that employs and deploys American to to cost effectively build a saner, smarter world?  Why not let a Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act  help fund it, along with the Forbes 2% solution?



Want to reduce terrorism, poverty, ignorance, genocide, refugees?  Better handle tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes?


Raise our and the nationís public policy making IQ?


Then you canít top the return on investment that working an hour a month to implement Americaís citizen-initiated World Service Corps congressional proposals produces.


Dissatisfied with Congress, politics, politicians?


Sometimes think concerned citizens could do a better job?


Think common folk ought to have a Peoples Lobby to offset all those other lobbies writing legislation?

Then donate or give an hour a week to build Peoples Lobbyís citizens movement that can introduce and pass Americaís World Service Corps (AWSC) legislation (and other legislation after that) that benefits Middle Americans.

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People's Lobby is a registered 501c4 non-profit corporation promoting the common good and general welfare.  You can make non-tax deductible donations to help the non-partisan advocacy efforts of People's Lobby Inc.   More info at  http://www.peopleslobby.us/ 


Cost of the War in Iraq
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As a nation, we have become mired in a generations spanning Terror War.    

Do we understand what causes terrorism? What drives people to blow themselves up to kill Americans?  Is there a better way to quell terrorism?   Should the whole nation serve in quelling and erasing terrorism and devastation?  Could we have a army of peaceful, productive, can-do Americans more ready to handle the next Katrina, earthquake, or terrorist attack?

Yes. And the means to do that are two American World Service Corps (AWSC) proposals that need your support in gaining additional Congressional  co-sponsors.   

The AWSC  proposals deploy one million Americans at home and around the globe to provide humanitarian and development assistance through already existing core organizations such as Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCorps, Headstart, Doctors Without Borders,  Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, OxFam, State Conservation Corps, local NGOs, etc. After a seven year ramp-up and with its 20 years sunset provision, 21 million Americans would provide a national service program over 27 years that would create and free up jobs, while building a sane public and development policy for America and the world.

Please click  American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals to learn more about the two proposals to peacefully reduce and eliminate some of the root causes of terrorism and other world and domestic problems.