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Contact  Dwayne Hunn, Executive Director PLI &PLEF


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 info @ peopleslobby.us  


359 Jean St.

Mill Valley, CA 94941




















































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People's Lobby Inc. (PLI)

PLI is sponsor or the American world Service Corps citizen-initiated congressional proposals.  To learn more about PLI and its sister research and educational foundation, go to www.PeoplesLobby.us 


Peoples Lobby Education Foundation researches, educates, and outreaches to citizens of issues of import to everday, hard working citizens.  PLEF's web site is not yet constructed, but some of its work can be found at the PL Education Foundation link.



info  @  peopleslobby.us without spaces.


Checks payable to PLI at:

People's Lobby Inc.,  


359 Jean St.  Mill Valley, Ca 94941 



People's Lobby is a 501c4 to which you can make non-tax deductible donations.  PLI initiates and advocates for non-partisan, common sense, healthy legislation.


People's Lobby Education Foundation is a 501c3, which can receive tax deductible donations for its research, education, and outreach programs.


People's Lobby (501c4) Board of Directors


John O. Sutter, Board member.  Former 9th Armored Division Veteran.  Former Country Representative, The Asia Foundation.  President of Democratic World Federalists.

Dwayne Hunn, Board member  (Resume)  


People's Lobby Educational Foundation (501c3) Board

Ted Smith, Board member.  Developer, businessman, Marin County resident.

Robin Clark, Board member.  Small business owner, Marin County resident.

Dwayne Hunn, Board member


To donate to PLEF make tax-deductible donations to People's Lobby's Educational Foundation (501c3) mail to :


Checks/ donations to "People's Lobby Inc" (PLI) or "People's Lobby's Education Foundation" (PLEF) 359 Jean St., Mill Valley, CA 94941     or  c/o

Treasurer John Sutter  100 Thorndale Dr. Unit 250, San Rafael, CA 94903.

Tax deductible donations to our Think Tank and sister organization, People Lobby's Education Foundation (PLEF).


Peoples Lobby Education Foundation (PLEF)

359 Jean St.

Mill Valley, Ca. 94941


    PLEF, 501c3, tax deductible.


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                  PLI, 501c4, not tax deductible.

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Peoples Lobby's citizen-initiated American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals build a volunteer service corps of one million can-do Americans to address domestic and international needs. Do you believe one million peaceful, productive, patriotic Americans serving annually throughout the world and at home could make the world better and safer?  Could it inspire other nations to also do World Service Corps?  

In August 2007 People's Lobby went to Washington D.C. for face to face meeting with congressional staffers to line up cosponsors for the AWSC Congressional Proposals.  In a variety of ways, you can help make the AWSC happen.  Financial donations are also needed:

Satellite Offices, Contacts



Tom King, Ph.D.



Mike Ferrick

Former Peace Corps Volunteer

Sacramento, Ca


Southern California

John Saunders

Glendora, Ca

Glendora High Teacher




Skip Berg


Sausalito, Ca


Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown, Retired Air Force

Former Congressional candidate


Tom Gangale

Retired Air Force / Consultant, author, teacher

Sonoma, California



Marilyn Dudley Rowley

Consultant, author, teacher, HTT member

Sonoma, California






 Resume of Dwayne Hunn